RTK Farming

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RTKs Signal Map

Our signal coverage map, showing locations and frequencies (members only) of all base stations and repeaters.

Our Base Stations & Repeaters

RTK Farming Ltd was founded by a group of farmers based in South Cambridgeshire who have joined together to make a robust and affordable GPS RTK network.

Its principle ideals are to create one of the first RTK networks in East Anglia that is cost effective and most importantly, does not limit the individual farmer to small areas of coverage; ensuring that as far as is possible every field has reliable coverage thewhole time. This is achieved by using a network of base stations and repeaters.

The Network does not rely on base stations operating at their maximum range, but |with overlap from neighbouring bases and repeaters providing robust coverage. Unlike many other signal providers, by using a Trimble signal RTK Farming Ltd customers are not restricted by brand or colour of machinery they control as Trimble Precision Agriculture equipment has been designed to be as universally compatible as it is technologically possible. It is also factory fit for 3 manufacturers and preferred choice for many dealers.


Low Cost Signal

Maximum Accuracy


Reduced Inputs

Increased Productivity

Covering 3,000,000 hectares

Roam across the entire network

Robust reliable signal

Improved coverage

Fewer overlaps

Reduced driver fatigue

Controlled traffic

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